Child Support

Uncontested Divorce

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Child Support

Which parent will owe child support?

  • The parent who has the children less than 50% of the time will have a child support obligation to the parent who has the children more than 50% of the time.
  • If the parents split the time with the children exactly 50/50, then the parent with the higher income will have a child support obligation to the parent with the lower income.

Does child support have to be taken out of the paycheck?

  • No, the payment method is your option.
  • Child support may either be a direct transaction between the parents or a payroll deduction, like taxes.

What if my spouse and I have already agreed on a child support amount?

  • The bad news is that you and your spouse do not have the power to change state law. So we still have to work though the child support calculation process.
  • The good news is that Mr. Hogan will help you through that process so you get as close as the law will allow to the result that you want.