Uncontested Divorce

$595 plus $344 court filing fee

If you live in Washington, and if your spouse will sign the divorce papers,
then Kevin Hogan, Attorney at Law will prepare and file everything
so that you never need to go to court or attend any classes.
Over 30 years experience.


What if we have children together?

  • That’s OK.
  • The $595 covers the preparation of parenting plan and child support order too.

What if our children are over 18 years old?

  • Then they are adults.
  • So we will not need a parenting plan or a child support order.

What if our children do not live in Washington state?

  • Then we cannot do a parenting plan because Washington state does not have jurisdiction over the children.
  • But we still need to do a child support order.

What if one of us has children from another relationship?

  • Those other children only need to be mentioned in the divorce documents.
  • There will be no parenting plan or child support.