How to Get Started

Uncontested Divorce

$595 plus $344 court filing fee

If you live in Washington, and if your spouse will sign the divorce papers,
then Kevin Hogan, Attorney at Law will prepare and file everything
so that you never need to go to court or attend any classes.
Over 30 years experience.

How to Get Started

Do I need to go to Mr. Hogan’s office?

  • Only if you want to.
  • Hundreds of clients have done everything without ever coming to downtown Seattle.
  • Everything can be easily done by a combination of phone, email and mail.

Do I need to fill out a form?

  • Yes. In order to achieve the result you want, Mr. Hogan needs some information from you.
  • The form you fill out will not go to the court.
  • The Client Form is just a communication tool between you and Mr. Hogan so that he can hit the target that you want.
  • If you would like to look at it, here is the Client Form.

How does the whole process work?

  1. First you would get a Client Form and fill it out so Mr. Hogan would have the necessary information about your situation.
  2. Then you would send that form to Mr. Hogan, either by email or mail.
  3. Then you would pay the $595 fee, either by mail (to the address listed on the right side of this page) or by phone (206-292-8080) or by this secure online payment portal.
  4. Then Mr. Hogan would prepare all the divorce documents and send them to you.
  5. Then you would sign the divorce documents.
  6. Then your spouse would sign the divorce documents.
  7. Then you would return the signed original documents to Mr. Hogan
  8. Then you would pay the $344 court filing fee at your convenience.
  9. Then Mr. Hogan would file your case with the court.  That filing would start the 90-day waiting period.
  10. Then, after the the 90-days, the judge would sign the final divorce documents.  You are then single.
  11. Then Mr. Hogan would send copies of the final divorce documents to both of you.

What if I have questions?