Parenting Class

Uncontested Divorce

$595 plus $344 court filing fee

If you live in Washington, and if your spouse will sign the divorce papers,
then Kevin Hogan, Attorney at Law will prepare and file everything
so that you never need to go to court or attend any classes.
Over 30 years experience.

Parenting Class

What is a parenting class?

  • A parenting class is a block of instruction intended to help parents who are getting divorced.

Will we need to attend a parenting class?

  • No. Attending a parenting class is a county-by-county requirement.
  • Your case would be filed in Lincoln County, which does not require a parenting class.
  • So if you would like to attend a parenting class you are welcome to do so on your own.

Is a parenting class the same as a parenting plan?

  • No. A parenting class is a class that the parents attend. A parenting plan is a document that the judge signs.
  • Every divorce case with children under 18 who live in Washington state must include a parenting plan.